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Leslie Town

Leslie is an accomplished photographer. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art with a major in photography. Leslie has always been passionate about horses and photography - this natural pairing led her to create Leslie Town Photography with a focus on equine subjects. Leslie now photographs horses, riders and farms and is a business partner with her sister, Janet.

Leslie lives in the lovely town of Orillia, Ontario (Canada) with her family and pets.

Leslie Town Photography

Leslie's photography

Janet Crombie-Grant

Janet has been working as a web designer and graphic artist since 1996. Janet has in past lives, worked as a draftsperson for the Department of National Defence and National Research Council. She is a graduate of Humber College's Web Design, PHP and Flash Programs.

Her first love is horses, so Janet decided to offer her services to the horse community and now dedicates her business to designing web sites with an equine focus.

Janet is also an accomplished watercolour and portrait artist. Janet's painting portfolio

She lives north of Toronto, Canada, on a horse farm near Shelburne. Janet's horse is a handsome 12 year old Paso Fino Gelding named Alberto la Manana, and she co-owns Zarzuela de Fina Vista with her neice Casey. The newest addition to the farm is the gorgeous ex-stallion Cefiro, a 5 year old Paso Fino rescue from Florida.

Paso Fino Mare and Foal

Janet Crombie-Grant's painting portfolio

The paintings in this portfolio are past works that have been sold.

Commissioned portraits are watercolour and vary in price from $1,500.00 to $10,000 depending on size, backgrounds and inclusions (large portrait, mounted on a horse as an example). 13% HST will be charged on all works and shipping and travel will be added if necessary. All the paintings are signed under Janet's maiden name, Janet Crombie. Call or email for more info.

Paso Fino Mare and Foal

Janet's photography portfolio