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These pages are dedicated to Brigadier, the Toronto Police Horse who was killed on February 26th, 2006 while on duty. My sister and I attended the memorial service for him at the Ricoh Coliseum, March 6th, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There were 1,500 civilians and police in attendance (including representatives of the mounted and canine units from across Ontario) and many tears were shed. Our deepest sympathies go to Constable Kevin Bradfield and members of the Toronto Mounted Police Unit.

Brigadier’s death was mourned and his life celebrated at this Memorial Event. As Constable Kevin Bradfield so painfully and poignantly reminded us, police forces employ both horses and dogs in the line of duty. They are an integral part of many Forces and they, too, “serve and protect”. Unfortunately, present laws provide little protection from those who intentionally harm them and act only as a marginal deterrent. A man deliberately drove his van into the gentle Belgian Cross bringing such grievous injury that the animal had to be destroyed. Incomprehensibly, the only charges the police could lay will bring, at best, a slap on the wrist and minor fine if the man is found guilty. We need stronger laws that provide better protection to these noble animals and give the police the legal means to prosecute for justice. Brigadier deserved at least that much.

  March 6th 2006, Janet Crombie-Grant & Leslie Town.

  Framed portrait by Anne de Haas
Brigadier was a Champion Belgian Cross, 16hh and 1500 lbs.

3The Governor General's Horse Guards provided a mounted horse unit.

Governor General's Horse Guards4

3RCMP extending sympathy

Toronto Mounted Police Horses4

3Poor boy looks worried, this horse was from one of the visiting Units.

The crowd can't resist the horses, who are very well turned out and behaved.4

3Many other Ontario paramilitary organizations attended, including the RCMP

Niagara Regional Police and their horses4

3Flag Bearer, Toronto Mounted Police Unit

Toronto Mounted Police Unit4

3Niagara Regional Police

Governor General Horse Guards of Toronto
For more info on the Cavalry Squadron ~ http://www.gghg.org/cavalry4

3Flag Bearer holding the Canadian Flag, Toronto Mounted Police Unit. This horse, Trooper, was injured in February in a vicious attack by 2 pitbulls.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their horses4

3Officer in Command of the GGHG's Calvary Squadron, Sgt Faye MacLachlan

Kingston Mounted Police and their horses, Donovan and Monty4

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