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Inside the Ricoh Coliseum

Toronto Mounted Police Horses4


3This Police Constable sang a fine version of O Canada.

The Ceremony was held at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.4


3Constable Kevin Bradfield attended the ceremony despite being injured last week.

Police dogs and handlers in attendance, this dog was fascinated by the horses entering the arena4


3Constable Kevin Bradfield's speech (.wav sound file)

Standing ovation for Constable Bradfield4


3Constable Kevin Bradfield

Speeches were given by Staff Superintendent Gary Grant and Police Chaplain Walter Kelly.
Staff Inspector William Wardle spoke of his first horse, Susan. (.wav sound file, 6 min.)

Constable Michael Gravakis delivered the Eulogy (.wav sound file, 2 1/2 min.)

The speech by Chief of Police, William Blair (.wav sound file, 5 1/2 min.)4


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