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Bob Loblaw

This week's Horse of the Week is a beautiful 7 year old Thoroughbred named Bob Loblaw (probably so named to trip up the race announcer!). Once a strung out, pumped up race horse, Bob now enjoys his retirement from the track as the personal mount of a girl who gives him lots of love and attention. His owner says he has become like a farm dog. This 16.2 hh bay gelding eats at the picnic table with his people, grazes freely on the lawn and loves playing tag. Bob is always recognized by his most striking feature - he has a mane like an Icelandic horse. Not something you normally see on a Thoroughbred!

This is what Bob's owner wrote about their relationship: "He uses my back to brush away the flies while we lie in the sun together, and I swear he can hear angels singing when we hit an open field, the call to run is deep in this one. We speak a common language. I believe he knows he is mine as much as much as I am his."

Bob's owner hopes to take up Cross Country with him in the future. He resides at Whispering Winds stable in Hillsdale, Ontario.

Congratulations to Bob for being our March 27th, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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