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This week we are featuring a beautiful, 17.2 hh Thoroughbred named Justin. This handsome bay 14 year old gelding was born into a very wealthy and influential family and raised in the "Big City".

For the first 8 years of his life, he lived downtown in their stable. He was a real city horse - not allowed out in a field or even time with another horse. He had his stall, his daily exercise or schooling and that's it! He wore shoes and was blanketed and he didn't even know how to grow a winter coat. It is ironic that Justin lives a totally natural lifestyle in his new home now.

Justin's present owners bought him from his trainer. It took them a long while to get him used to being a "real" horse because he had no herd instincts. He still has a few issues that he may never be cured of. Humans can be very unfeeling to these wonderful, trusting and majestic beings. His owners are proud to promote an all natural lifestyle for Justin and his field mates now.

Congratulations to Justin for being our May 8th, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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Thoroughbred Gelding

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