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Thoroughbred Appaloosa cross


Named after the Star Trek character on Deep Space Nine (because of the distinctive spots on her muzzle), Dax is a 16.1 hh, six year old bay Thoroughbred Appaloosa cross. This is what her owner, Mohamed Cassim, had to say about Dax:

She has excellent manners and is an extremely calm and gentle horse. Dax looks out for me whenever we ride and is a joy to be with. She knows when I arrive at the barn and always greets me with her distinctive "hello" call.... or perhaps it's more like "come here and give me a treat". Either way, it's one of a kind. Dax and I have been together for 2 years now and before that she had 3 months of training for eventing. Since then we have mostly worked on basic schooling and lots of trail riding on the many beautiful acres adjacent to the Equestrian Centre.

Once when riding with another friend on the trails, we came across some deer. At first Dax was intrigued and then as soon as they started to move away Dax was eager to follow. Always curious and inquisitive, she is bold and forward going with the occasional hesitation when meeting a displaced rock. Dax is usually in the lead when we leave for a trail ride as she's eager to see what's new.  On the way back to the barn, often we lag behind (sometimes ...far behind) and she is asking why we have to go back so soon.

We have recently started with pole work and cavelletti and so far she's going very well. Dax is also well versed in the Parelli ground work. She understands the 7 games well (we have obtained our Parelli level 1 certificate) and is currently working with a combination of level 2 and level 3 education. Our next goal is to work at liberty outside the confines of an arena. In the past few months, Dax and I enjoyed learning quadrille with the Meadows precision riding group. Our Tuesday night lessons culminated in our debut performance on May 13th, 2006 at the Uxbridge Horseman's Association annual Horse Fair. It was tons of fun and Dax seemed to enjoy the bustling atmosphere. I find the truism about some Appaloosas' being "an easy child's mount" one day and a "focused competitor" the next quite definitive about Dax. There is little she can not do and much she won't try. She has a natural willingness to please and she has a terrific attitude.

Congratulations to Dax for being our July 3rd, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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