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Paso Fino Stallion in Water

Mercenario de La Libertad

This week we are featuring Mercenario deLa Libertad. "Mercy" is a beautiful 8 year-old Paso Fino stallion owned by Camilla Willings and Robert Meakins of Fina Vista Farm, Damascus, Ontario. Mercy is Camilla's favourite riding horse of all time, and has brought her tremendous joy since his purchase through an auction as a 2 year-old in Florida. He is a Classic Fino son of the Paso Fino legend, El Classico de Plebeyo.

Though he knows how to strut his stuff in the show ring, (he has accumulated over 900 points, won multiple championships and high point awards, gone to the PFHA Nationals in Perry, Georgia, three times and come home with 4 titles - 3 in the very tough Classic Fino division), most of his riding is done in the conservation areas near his home.

Mercy loves to hit the trails, the longer the better and the faster the best! He has tons of energy and enthusiasm and is brave and tireless. Not only is he a fabulously smooth ride... he is just a really fun ride. He loves to go out with the mares, but is also happy taking solo daydreaming rides, too. His favourite way to start a ride is with a big gallop and to end the ride is with a big splash in the lake behind his home. On extra hot days he will put most of his head under water and blow bubbles. He loves an adventure, and has been enjoying his weekend jaunts this year at everything from OCTRA rides (he wanted to go again at the end!), Hunter Paces (he especially liked the jumps!), Fair Shows (he won the big Challenge of the Breeds class!) and even his first parade, right behind the firetrucks, where we heard tons of people smiling and laughing about the "tap dancing horse"!

Camilla loves how sensitive and smart Mercy is and how he can always read her mind and get the job done. He is her once in a lifetime horse and her equine heart of hearts. She is eternally grateful for his presence in her life. You can see more photos of Mercanario on his farm site and a video of him at a 2006 horse show performing the fino gait.

Congratulations to Mercenario for being our October 2nd, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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