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Gaited Mule

Lonesome's Razzmatazz Mule of the Week!

We are breaking tradition this week as our Horse of the Week is actually going to be our first Mule of the Week! Taz is a very special mule owned by Jan Bellanger. He is a registered gaited Mule - his mother was a Tennessee Walker mare and his sire was a gaited Mammoth Jack. Born March 03, 1999, Taz is a red dun John mule, which is gelding for mule.

This 7 year old, 16 hh mule is very laid back and quiet. He is very well trained and does really well on the trails. His owner takes him on camping trips and he mixes well with other horses. Taz was born in Montana and has been used for pack trips in the mountains, rounding up cattle and other ranch duties before Jan brought him back to Ontario, Canada. He loves people... especially children, and Jan has had many novices ride him. Taz looks after them well!

I photographed Taz this summer at the Paso Fino Fun Show (Jan has Pasos too!) where he showed amazing versatility in the many classes Jan entered him in. Taz was continually the center of attention; if you didn't catch him gaiting about, jumping, going through the obstacle course, or being ridden sidesaddle by Jan, you couldn't miss his ear shattering bray from across the show grounds! One has to wonder what all the other horses thought of this unusual addition to the show. If you would like to know more about these fascinating animals, please visit the R&M Gaited Mules website where Taz was born and read the Q&A section... very interesting!

Congratulations to Lonesomes's Razzmatazz for being our first Mule of the Week!

Horse of the Week changes sometime Sunday Evening

Video clips of Taz at the Fun Show 2006, some are large and are not suited for dialup.

Mule Braying
Mule Voice (with rain!)
0.7 MB
Mule on Bridge
Trail Class Bridge
0.4 MB
Mule Barrel Racing
Barrel Racing Mule
0.8 MB
John Mule
Pylons 1 MB
Mule on Trail
Trail Class 1.4 MB

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