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  Dun Quarter Horse gelding

Holms Maple PDJ

Our Horse of the Week is a registered Quarter Horse named HOLMS MAPLE PDJ. This handsome dun 15.1 hh gelding was raised by George Holmdale, of Elmwood, Ontario. His dam was Taboos Maple Sugar and his sire was Poco Docs Jessie. Austin, as he is known around the barn, was purchased by Donna Shewfelt in January of 2006, She was told he was around 6 years old. So she took him on trail rides through the woods (by herself… she loved just hanging out with her horse!). Donna jumped him and did everything with Austin and he performed like a charm. She continued to ride English and Western with this horse. In May, when she finally got Austin's papers, she discovered that he had had about a months worth of training and was only 4 years old!!! It was like a Christmas present though to find out his age!

Donna says Austin is full of character and well loved by everyone in the barn. He has a great sense of curiosity and is full of character. It is hard not to love him. He wants to be with you and near you at all times. He is willing to do anything you want him to do as long as he knows you are there for him. He likes to chew on things and play with toys in his box stall.

He has a great sense of adventure. Austin and Donna were in the woods last February when they came to a clearing and saw 12 deer standing on the hill beside them. They all just stared at each other for a while and then the deer started moving away. Donna was thankful that he was just excited and didn’t scare at all. What a wonderful winter day and memory for them.

Unfortunately, Donna had to sell Austin in September due to time conflicts and money. She said It was not fair to Austin or herself if she could not spend enough time with him, especially as he needed the companionship and disclipline. Fortunately, he went to a great home in Puslinch, Ontario which is about 5 minutes away from her parents' house, so she can go and visit him there. He is at Manestay Equestrian Centre in Puslinch, which is a riding stable. He will be well loved and taken care of there which puts Donna's mind at ease. His new owners are Katharine and Les Schmidt

Donna says about Austin: "He came into my life at a time that I really needed him and I will never forget him."

Congratulations to Austin for being our March 12th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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