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This week's Horse of the Week is Booker - part Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Percheron all mixed into a captivating, friendly and willing partner. A recent graduate of Parelli Level 2, Booker's ground skills are incredible. Booker's stable mate Bones , was our Horse of the Week for May 7 2007.

His owner has this to say about Booker...

"Imagine a horse responsive enough to move away at the touch of a feather. How about one that moves sideways towards you with a hand gesture, or trailer loads from 60' away at liberty, at just a suggestion from his human partner.

Arriving at Spruce Lane farms in Orillia from the London area in April 2005, he exploded out of the trailer in a frightful and frightening panic. He was scared of every new thing he saw. It was quite a sight to see a horse as large and powerful as Booker snort, spin around and rush off in fear the first time he saw a kleenex tissue being used.

Before coming to me, Booker had spent his first couple of years of life as a field horse, then experienced a 6 week crash course in a training style that used fear and force as its primary method of whipping him into shape. Fortunately for him, we immediately exposed him to more natural teaching methods that focus on communication and understanding. Using love, language and leadership in equal doses, he thrived in a safe and rewarding environment.

A far different and more confident animal now, Booker is an amazing trail horse. In the arena he walks, trots, canters and has started jumping with enthusiasm. No kicking is required or allowed to make this 5 yr old go, just an elevation in the riders life and off he goes. And "whoa" is no different. A relaxing seat from the rider and Booker transitions down each gait as requested. Playful, respectful and always curious, his learning accelerates every month. This beautiful black and white paint gelding is a horseman's dream. How would you like to go into the paddock and have your horse come and catch you?"

Congratulations to Booker for being our May 21st, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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