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horse in waterQuerica

I photographed several horses at Fina Vista on a warm, sunny day in June of 2007. This mare and foal were a very special treat for me! Zahara is going to grow up to be a happy, well loved horse like her beautiful mom, Querica. This is what her owner, Victoria Poe, has to say of Querica. Notice that she is riding on a sheepskin bareback pad, with no stirrups!

"I was a newbie to the Paso Fino world when I purchased this mare in 2004. Querica, a.k.a "Q", is a Profeta de Besilu granddaughter and a joy in my life. Now 7 years old, she has been steadily transforming - in colour, performance and character. "Q's" initial black coat has been very slowly changing from a roan mix to her present dappled grey colour. Her brio and gait are inspiring and Querica is exhilarating to work with. She was initially unsure of her immense spirit - however, given many different avenues to express herself, "Q" has become a great performer.

Querica loves to lead during trail rides and readily hops on our little classic trailer for an adventure. Last year we participated in an endurance ride, a Hunter's pace and a few organized trail rides. We have logged many hours and miles trail riding in the forest around Q's farm. We have twice been to Rawhide Adventures rounding up cattle, staying for a week at their ranch. Querica has also won ribbons at various fairs and shows around Ontario.

On May 6th of this year Querica gave birth to her first baby! Zahara is a sweet filly sired by Fina Vista's herd sire, Mercenario deLa Libertad. Querica, Zahara and I have been riding together in the arena and through the woods to swim in the pond. Zahara always wants to be part of the action. When I hose "Q" off after riding in the summer heat, Zahara now playfully rushes forward so as not to miss out on the water spray. She wants to be brushed when "Q" is, or nibbles my shirt in protest. Querica is a proud, caring and diligent mare and has matured in confidence. Her incredible versatility and friendly nature is sure to positively influence her filly.

Thanks to Camilla from Fina Vista Farm for introducing me to the world of Paso Finos and for matching "Q” and I. Thanks to Leslie Town for continuing to take awesome photos of our equine friends to treasure."

Congratulations to Querica for being our July 23rd Horse of the Week!

VIDEO OF QUERICA - (high resolution 5.2 mb)

VIDEO OF QUERICA IN WATER - (high resolution 4.4 mb)

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