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Rocky Mountain MareMira

Mira is a Rocky Mountain & Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse who lives just south of Guelph with her owners, Jim and Donna Christie. This 10 year old mare is a pretty dark chocolate colour with flaxen mane and tail. Mira's Mountain Horse herd members are Trigger and Willow, both past "Horses of the Week".

Donna speaks of her horse Mira...

"Life was not always so sweet for Mira. She spent her early years on a large farm in Kentucky where human contact was limited and rough. Precious little time was spent working with her, other than to take her out for the occasional ride. She is most appreciative of the natural horsemanship methods we are developing. Mira is a smart horse and wants to get it right - she is always eager to please. Mira is learning to trust, she greets us happily and seeks out human contact.

Mira is extremely nosy and curious. She will follow us of her own free will on walks throughout the various paddocks, much like a puppy. This beautiful girl brings us lots of smiles with her playful antics as she amuses herself in the paddock. Her favourite toy is the Jolly Ball which she picks up, carries about, drops and rolls around with her nose.

Mira is a brave horse and has developed confidence in us. She now takes so many new things in stride, loads in the trailer without hesitation, ventures down fresh trails in the woods and even walks the shoulder of our side road with traffic going past. In addition to eating and spending time with her humans, Mira has two favourite activities. One is engaging in mutual grooming with our other mare. The second is exploring the wooded paddock where, much to our dismay, she enjoys rubbing her neck on any available pine tree that happens to be oozing sap.

It brings us great joy to be able to give Mira a better life and watch her grow into a happier horse. We get a great deal in return from our beloved Mira."

Congratulations to Mira for being our September 17th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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