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American Registered Tennesse Walking HorseAngel

I have visited Maple Wind Farm in Hawkestone, Ontario, owned by the Horne family, many times this year. I find many willing models here: people, dogs, cats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, and of course, a wonderful assortment of horses.

One of the beautiful horses I photographed recently was an American Registered Tennessee Walking Horse named Allens Midnight Angel. Angel is registered with TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association). This pretty black mare is 5 years old and is 15.2 hh. Angel has a solid pedigree which includes 4 World Grand Champion sires/dam as well as Heritage Horse foundation stock leading all the way back to Wilson's Allen. The Horne family feels very fortunate to have this beautiful, gaited, intelligent and gentle mare amongst their herd.
This is what they also had to say about her:

Angel came to be with us by a happy accident. We purchased a Tennessee Walking Horse and while we were closing this deal, we were shown Angel. On a whim, after 15 minutes of thought, I now also owned this young American Registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She had only been haltered, not even trained to lead. No other work had been done with her, which was probably a very good thing! My daughter Alyssa, has been Angel's main trainer. I have ridden her a few times and she has a lovely smoooooooth run-walk! This mare has 5 gaits now - a walk, flat walk, stepping pace, run walk and a canter. She is coming along in her training and has done really well on trails. I enjoy riding this mare because she is always thinking 'with you', not 'against you'.

Angel has the sweetest temperment, loads of confidence and no malice. There is not an angry bone in this horse anywhere! Her whole being is built around trying to communicate and learn what you would like her to do. She is definitely a smart horse and a 'people-pleaser'!

American Registered Tennessee Walking HorseAngel views humans in her world as friends and trusts everyone. At the same time, she is really respectful of your space and is never forward or dominant towards humans. She is learning to be more vocal with us by nickering and whinneying in the pasture to get our attention for a pat or scratch... of course, we oblige when she calls... who can resist!

We are really enjoying Angel and look forward to many comfortable and safe years in the saddle with her wonderful running walk gait and excellent attitude.

I believe a horse like Angel only comes along once in a person's life. I'm so thankful that the '15 minutes of whimsical thought' brought about our sweetest guardian, 'Angel'.

Congratulations to Angel for being our November 5th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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