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Rocky Mountain HorseSedona's Cantadora

Sedona is a 15 hh, three and a half year old Rocky Mountain mare owned by Brenda Willis, of Orillia, Ontario. Sedona's colouring is a gorgeous red chocolate with a flaxen mane and tail. She is named Sedona because of her coat and Brenda's love of the red mesa rocks in Sedona, Arizona. The latter part of her name, Cantadora, is 'Story Teller" in Spanish.

Sedona has spent her childhood happily grazing with her friends at the Stover/Smalley Ranch "Horses R'SS", on Fairgrounds Road, under the loving eyes of her Auntie Gail.

Sedona has recently moved to Rounds Ranch, Elmsvale for a while so that she and her owner can learn some neat moves in the 'Parelli Fashion'. She is a smart girl and quickly learned the 'Friendly Game' and the 'Porcupine Game'. Sedona is inquisitive and funny - she loves to show off how to count all the way to seven and carry the pilon in her teeth.

Sedona is a lively youngster, and her owner is a seasoned human, so this move will benefit them both! If you learn to speak horsaneese, Sedona will surely have lots of stories to tell of her adventures in training for herself AND her owner!

Congratulations to Sedona for being our November 12th, 2007 Horse of the Week!


Rocky Mountain Horse
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