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  Carousel Horse


Carousel is another horse from Maple Wind Farms in Hawkestone, Ontario, owned by the Horne family.

Tina says this of Carousel:

"When you think of a well-rounded, sane horse, you would be hard-pressed to find another that is of this calibre. This is the essence of what Carousel represents. We have had many horses cross our path in recent years and Carousel is 'one of those' that has it all. Intelligence, beauty, ability, sanity, willingness, kindness and a real 'people' horse! Carousel is pretty inside and out!

Carousel is a 6 year old Quarter Horse/Paint bay mare who is a complete delight to have in our herd. We had Carousel in at our farm to try her out and learn about her and we loved her so much, we just didn't (couldn't) let her leave! Carousel is owned and treasured by my daughter, Haley Knox (13 yrs).

Carousel is exactly the type of horse we enjoy having as one of our safe and trusty mounts for everything. We absolutely love Carousel for her safe, forward-moving attitude and willingness to do anything new. Carousel is intelligent, has athletic ability and a good nature. She is simply an amazing and sane horse. Carousel will be in the Horse Haven Drill Team for 2008 with my daughter Haley.

Carousel is an excellent working cow horse. If the cows don't move, she'll stare them down and start after them. She doesn't let the cows see her sweat!

Haley is excited to play with Carousel in western gaming this year. So, watch for Haley and Carousel at the local fairs and in performances for the Horse Haven Drill Team, burning up the ring!!"

Congratulations to Carousel for being our April 14th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

Carousel Horse

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