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American Registered Racking HorseStickers

This week's Horse of the Week is from Maple Wind Farms in Hawkestone, Ontario. Lisa Horne has had many of her other horses featured here in past - Angel, Reflection, Razz and Carousel.

Lisa says this of this horse...

"Stickers is an American Registered Racking Horse. His registered name is Ramblin Gamblin Booger. Stickers is a 3 year old gelding, and stands 15.2 hh. Stickers is a sorrel and white paint, with 50/50 markings. He is a good representation of the Racking Horse, and we are lucky to have such a quiet boy among our herd. Stickers is owned by my daughter Alyssa Knox, 17 years old.

We purchased Stickers while on a trip to Tennessee to buy horses. We showed up at the farm with the truck and trailer. We saw Stickers, watched him drive a buggy, and he was ridden by the owner. Then my daughter rode him to test him out. She went down the driveway, and she came back with a huge smile spread across her face, from cheek to cheek. We bought him with no second thoughts!

Stickers is a very quiet boy. Nothing spooks him, and he isn't upset by anything. He is the perfect beginners horse. When we first bought Stickers, Alyssa was waiting for him to do something, like refuse, or get frustrated, or upset, because he was only 2 and a half at the time, and his quietness was to good to be true! But he never showed any signs of doubt in his rider. It is amazing to have that quiet a horse, and he's only 3 now!!

American Registered Racking HorseStickers is a 7 gaited horse and does a walk, flat walk, run-walk, stepping pace, rack, canter, and gallop. Stickers is used all over the farm, down the trail, western gaming, working cow horse, parades, fairs, Drill Team, training to be a roping horse, anything that comes to mind, Stickers can do it! Stickers is always willing to please his rider, and does everything as asked.

Racking Horses are bred for their short strided, high stepping run walk. Stickers has the high step bred into him, and all his gaits are high stepping. When he canters he lifts his legs up so high that he sort of 'hops' along. It is really funny to watch, and experience. He runs a lot like a camel, and if you have never seen a camel run, you have got to watch Stickers go. Our family has a song for Stickers, "Sticky the camel has no humps. Go, Sticky, go."

Alyssa is excited to give Stickers more exposure to new experiences in the next year. So watch for Alyssa and Stickers at the local fairs, and in performances for the Horse Haven Drill Team!"

Congratulations to Stickers for being our June 9 th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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