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Atlas is a 7 year old, 16 hh, dapple gray Thoroughbred gelding owned by Erika Glenny. His registered name is Capriva and he was a race horse for the first years of his life. This gorgeous guy will be on the cover of a horse magazine next month. Atlas is looking for a new home!

"Altas and I met in May 2006, when I was told he would likely go to the auctions if a new owner wasn't found for him soon. After almost 10 years without a horsey companion, I decided it was time to make a new friend. He had been a race horse but had a few injuries which ended his career. Bone chips had previously been removed from his left knee and he came to me with a quarter crack on his right front hoof that went right up to cornet band. I was told he needed a year for the hoof to grow out, so Atlas went out to pasture with his buddy and I came to visit him on weekends. He had only been gelded in February of 2006, so it was also a good time for him to get those male hormones out of his system.

Grey Thoroughbred horseIn March 2007, I moved to Tottenham, Ontario, and thought it would be best to move Atlas to a facility closer to my new home. In my search, I found 'Horses by Nature' owned by Elaine Polny, which was about to change my whole perception on the relationship between the horse and human. See, Elaine teaches Natural Horsemanship and I had always taken a traditional approach to riding; having done hunter/jumper and dressage in the past. Not only was I about to learn new things, but so was Atlas.

First things first, and the biggest challenge for Atlas - was learning how to live in a herd environment. Remember, I mentioned he wasn't gelded till 2006... well, it took him quite a few months to learn he wasn't a stallion any more and that he didn't need to be so assertive. But he did learn, and now he seems to get on with any new horses added to the group. Atlas' herd includes nine horses of mixed breeds and sizes. As for myself, I learned a few new things too. I did some clicker training with Atlas, which he took to in like, ummm ...... 30 seconds. He's a very intelligent boy!

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before I found myself so preoccupied with my Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage study that I found it difficult to see Atlas every weekend. Since I wasn't getting enough time to spend with him and practice, I never had the opportunity to get to ride him. Now that I am in the process of getting my own business up and running I had to finally make the difficult decision to find Atlas a new home. He is so ready and willing to start working and I am unfortunately not in a place right now to be able to do that with him.

It is very important to me that he goes to a good home. I would love for Atlas to go to someone who has natural horsemanship experience or who is interested in natural horsemanship, as I believe that is the way to go." ~ Erika

Please call Erika Glenny, phone number 905-801-2467. Asking $1,500.00.

News update! Atlas has been purchased by Sabrina Cameron of Toronto, and is staying at Horses by Nature with his herd mates. Congratulations Sabrina and Atlas.

At Horses by Nature we teach the fundamentals of Natural Horsemanship and Positive Reinforcement Principles (Clicker Training). We listen to the horse to enable us to see the world through their eyes. By carefully assessing the horse's mental, emotional and physical qualities, we will be better able to become part of their wonderful culture.

Horses in our care enjoy an environment based on Natural herd living conditions which would also encompass barefoot trimming (no shoes) and bitless (no metal in the mouth) methods. - Elaine Polny

Congratulations to Atlas for being our July 14th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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