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Warmblood FoalCaberet

Hi Everyone,

My name is Caberet, my friends just call me Cabby for short. I live at the Back of Beyond Farm in Huntsville, Ontario with my Mom (Contessa) and lots of friends.

I am called Caberet because my Daddy's name is Cabardino. Apparently, he is this very successful hunter and has a lot of nice babies, just like me. I am only 3 months old but already everyone says I will follow in Daddy's hoof prints. Of course, I have never met my Daddy but I have met some of Mom's friends (including this cute little chestnut filly with four white socks) and some people too.

The most important people are Cathy Foyston and Bill Statten because they feed Mom, and of course she feeds me.

Mom looks out for me as well, especially when we are outside. She can get very testy when there are strange dogs around or if I kick at her. You would think she would be as enamored with me as everyone else is, but sometimes she is downright grumpy. When she gets like that though I just go up to her and nuzzle her back with my mouth and she calms right down.

Hunter coltI also apparently have another special quality besides my great looks and good movement. I have a unicorn mark on my head. It is this spot just under my forelock where a horn would grow if I was a unicorn. But that is silly. I am not a unicorn, I am a chestnut Canadian Warmblood colt with a blaze - not a unicorn horn!

Bye for now,


Congratulations to Caberet for being our July 21st, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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