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Rocky Mountain / Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Shiloh's Duke

Shiloh's Duke is a Rocky Mountain / Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse who lives at Rocky Woods Farm, just south of Guelph, with his owners Jim and Donna Christie. He is a 19 year old gelding, very handsome with his shiny black coat and two white socks.

Donna tells the story of how Duke came to live with her and Jim...

"Duke came to live with us last February and has been a wonderful addition to our little herd of four Rocky Mountain Horses. From the minute he arrived, it became very evident that he would be herd leader. This was accomplished in a very understated way, doing no more than it took to get his message across to our two mares and young gelding. The two ladies, Willow and Mira, fell in love and now see him as their protector; the young gelding, Trigger, now has a mentor.

DukeWe have provided Duke with a good home but he has given us so much more. It took no time to realize that Duke is a very special horse. Jim rode Duke in a couple of clinics this summer where people were drawn to Duke's "presence". They commented on being tuned in to an aura about Duke and identified his special qualities. There are many words to describe Duke but most importantly he is gentle, noble, proud, confident, wise, calm, honest, tolerant, willing and big-hearted. With his original owners he has seen and done it all, having traveled from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, riding out on the trails all over the country. He has entered many show rings, winning ribbons, plaques and trophies at the Tri-State, State and International Rocky Mountain Horse shows. He has now partnered with Jim and takes him anywhere and everywhere he wants to go. They are a good match.

Shiloh's Duke is truly a remarkable horse and we feel blessed and most fortunate to have him with us. We realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have opportunity to experience a horse like Duke."

Congratulations to Duke for being our December 8th, 2008 Horse of the Week.

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