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Brit, Welsh cobLyton's True Britain

This handsome horse is affectionately known as "Brit" or "The Britster" and he is owned by Sarah Gordon. Sarah also owns the paint pony Candy who was featured on our 2009 calendar. Both Brit's parents are Welsh Cob Champions and Brit is first generation Canadian. He is 16 hh, 22 years young and at times thinks he's 5!

Brit's career included Hunter Show Horse, Dressage, Pleasure and Competitive Driving and finally, School Horse. He has earned retirement and for the last six years he has resided with a herd of horses at Horses by Nature in Palgrave, Ontario. His herd mates are Atlas, Majalinda, Candy, 2 Standardbreds and 2 Quarter Horses.

Brit's the kind of horse who notices the tiniest change in his environment. It could be the bucket you moved or the pebble on the ground that wasn't there before! He's not a real spooky horse, just a horse with a very keen eye. (But it's suspected he does this to entertain himself at times too!)

Brit prefers life when he has a girlfriend by his side! Recently Brit took up a new sport, soccer! He loves to bump it with his nose and what a powerful bump he has! Then he chases it and does it again! He will knock over any cone you might put out in the arena, pick up buckets (only when he thinks you're not looking!) and pretends to be tough.

The best way to describe the movement of this wonderful horse is to imagine sitting upon the wings of a gliding eagle! He absolutely floats across the earth. But the most powerful thing this horse has is the ability to offer people the connection to gratitude and love. He once participated in a small clinic where no tack was used or allowed other than a cordeo (a piece of soft leather around the horses neck). The exercise was simple, to walk and trot next to the horse and find a connection. Ten minutes later the gal who was trying this with Brit came over in tears trying to describe the overwhelming feeling of love, effort and forgiveness Brit had offered her. He's a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

  Welsh Cob horse
  Welsh Cob horse
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