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Black Paso Fino MareKitani Mimbrera

This week’s 'Horse of the Week' is Kitani (registered name: Kitani Mimbrera), a registered Paso Fino mare owned by Katharine Creery and boarded and wonderfully cared for by Camilla Willings at Fina Vista Farm in Damascus, Ontario. This beautiful, black twenty-one year old young ‘teddy mare’ is 14.1 hands high and the most reliable mount one could ever imagine.

Black MareOf her beloved mare of ten years, Kate says, "Kitani is my ‘familiar.’ Camilla invited me to ride at her farm eleven years ago and I loved her Paso “Pia”. I hadn’t ridden in years and mentioned that I would someday love to own a horse again. Camilla has a gift for pairing horses with riders and she knew that Kit would be perfect for me. She was right!

Kitani shows everyone who comes to ride her the absolute magic and freedom of the horse. She is up to any challenge, loves to go for hours, enjoys blazing trails, stump jumping, boosts the confidence of novice riders, and never ever sets a foot wrong (you’ll hear that of horses, but of Kit it is really true!). She is the able nanny of all of the colts and fillies born at Fina Vista - although she can get a bit bossy - and would love to have a foal herself. Kitani is a generous spirit, who has seen me through several job changes, helped me conquer fears, celebrate life’s joys, and has silently and compassionately supported me in my journey to parenthood! And when the time with my toddler allows, she’ll be there to teach my son Maki Hyuk Joon learn the wisdom of horses himself.

Horse of the week, yes, but Kit is my horse of a lifetime!"

Congratulations to Kitani for being our February 23rd, 2009 Horse of the Week!

  Black Paso Fino Mare
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