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Palomino foal

Viggo de FinaVista - Paso Fino Yearling Gelding

Written by Camilla Willings of Fina Vista Farm:

"Two years ago I saw a cremello stallion, (SD Hechicero de Silencio), stud service as part of a fund-raiser auction. I thought to myself... how cute would a palomino baby from my lovely chestnut mare, Pianola, be? (aside: for those that don't know the handy genetics rule... cremello + chestnut = palomino everytime). I bought the breeding and was very happy when she took on the first try; an AI delivered from the stallion's home in Alberta.

Last May Pia did her usual trick of waiting until the morning to deliver (she loathes stalls and will cross her legs all night and wait until morning turnout for baby action). Her foal was a big, leggy colt... cute as a button. Palomino with matching hind socks and a big blaze. From the day he was born he was everyone's golden boy here at the farm. He has an adorable head and big dark eyes. You still cannot look at this horse without saying... aaahhhhh (sigh). When it came time to name him, all rules of Spanish names only were mysteriously tossed to the wind (there may have been cocktails involved) and somehow he hooked the moniker of Viggo (as in Mortenson), a farm favourite with the movie-loving ladies. Not only is Viggo M everyone's favourite golden idol... he scores double bonus points for being a notorious horse lover who has bought the horse he has ridden in at least three of his films... including Hidalgo and Lord of the Rings.

Even though 'Viggo' is not Spanish, it has stuck... and it seems to suit. He is a golden boy. Charming, loveable, friendly, athletic, dashing and a bit of the mischief in him, too. The oscar goes to.... Viggo de FinaVista"

Congratulations to Viggo for being our April 13th, 2009 'Horse of the Week'!

  Palomino Horse
  Palomino Horse and mom
  Palomino Horse and mom
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