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Palomino Rocky Mountain horseFraser (Havenwood Gold Digger) Rocky Mountain Gelding

On Easter weekend, five of the female members of my family took a road trip to Fina Vista to visit my sister's horse Zarzuela. There was a new horse at the farm, a 15hh Rocky Mountain Horse gelding that was for sale on consignment. He was described to me as a 'dappled golden cream buckskin' - on his 2 registrations one calls him palomino and the other buckskin - go figure! He was born in 2002 and his dam is a cremello. We all thought he was adorable, alas he quickly sold to Rebekah Theodore of Georgetown, Ontario.

Rebekah was kind enough to write this on very short notice:

"I bought Digger from Annick Symons last week. Camilla delivered him to me on Saturday, here in Georgetown where he will live, five minutes from my home at a boarding and training stable called Horse Sense Training.

From the first moment I had seen and ridden Digger, a few days before at Camilla's beautiful farm, I'd known he was the horse for me. Kind, gentle, sweet, smart and in his own careful way - keen to keep up and participate in what's going on around him... his intelligent and relaxed character was just what I was looking for.

I'd ridden for decades, mostly retraining hotblooded racehorses. But of late the struggle to keep things calm out on the trail with a fireball from the racetrack seemed a bit too daunting for me. It was time to pull it together with a horse like Digger. New paths await Digger and I've joined the Ontario Trail Riders Association and joined both the Rocky Mountain Horse Association and the Tennessee Mountain Horse Association - which is where Digger is registered. His natural Rocky Mountain Horse ambling gait is a joy to sit and covers a lot of ground in a surprisingly short time

We've renamed Digger 'Fraser' and look forward to owning, riding and loving him for a long time.

Cheers and thank you to Annick Symons and Camilla Willings for bringing this horse into my life. And thanks Leslie for taking beautiful pictures which capture his unique and thoroughly right-minded approach to the world. 'Fraser' is a solid and gentle lad and now part of the family."

Congratulations to Fraser for being our April 20th, 2009 'Horse of the Week'!

  Rocky Mountain Gelding
  dappled golden cream buckskin

Palomino Horse


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