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Delesandra is owned by Diane Vollick of Coldwater, Ontario. She participated in the Gaited Horse Show at Rounds Ranch this weekend where I was working as the show photographer.

Diane writes this of her beautiful horse:

"Delasandra is a lovely 9 year old dapple bay Paso Fino mare whose sire is Alcon and dam is Porcelana del Cerro.

I fell in love with this horse while helping out at a large Paso Fino farm in Coldwater. I first met Delasandra when she was a yearling and worked with her when she went into training as a 3 year old. She was so quick to learn and was a real sweetheart with lots of brio* and the most wonderful smooth gait. When it came time to sell her and some people showed a great deal of interest in buying her, I thought I could not see her go to someone else. I had to wait to see if she was the one they chose before I could make an offer. Much nail biting ensued, and I was so relieved when they chose another horse!

She has been the most wonderful companion, when I ride her all my cares are blown away. She comes when called, sometimes with the enticement of carrots, gives a little huh-huh in greeting every time I enter the barn. We enjoy long trail rides and are working on basic dressage. We go to as many Paso Fino events as we can - Fun shows, trail riding and clinics. Delasandra is one of the greatest joys in my life."
Congratulations to Delasandra for being our May 25th, 2009 'Horse of the Week'!

*defined as vigor, spontaneous spirit or controlled fire in the Paso Fino breed.

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