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Canadian Horse StallionFIGARO

Figaro is a 16.3 hh 1400 lb black stallion owned by Laura Luszczek of Orangeville, Ontario. Figaro is a Canadian Horse, but because of his large size he is often mistaken for a Friesian. Laura writes this of her stallion.

"The Canadian Horse is known for it's versatility and Figaro can do it all. He does classical dressage and is trick trained. Figaro is not afraid of anything and willingly learns new things. He loves to perform and likes the crowds and cameras. He has done a little endurance and is great on the trails - he doesn't back down from anything. Figaro has even chased a Bobcat! He is also an incredibly smooth ride - I have ridden with cup of hot apple cider and never spilt it.

I would best describe Figaro's personality as a combination of the Black Stallion and Spirit. He is very much a 'one person and rider' horse and is scared of no one, but is not mean about it. He is the type to make a cocky person humble, but kind enough to let a two year old child sit on him, or nuzzle a foal like Spirit. Our beginnings were very much like the Black Stallion. We had the bond but he was a handful. Figaro was five years old and knew nothing - since then he has grown into a great partner which I will never be able to replace. I know that if I had to go into battle tomorrow he would defend me with his life.Black Stallion

It is also funny I mention the Black Stallion - since Guy (Guy Dubreuil - Laura's husband) played Alec Ramsay in the race scene in the movie. When I see Guy and Figaro together I always tell him that if they ever made a movie of the older Alec and the Black, Figaro and him would be perfect. They look like they came out of the movie screen some days. But Figaro does owe a lot to Guy. Two years ago Figaro rotated his tendon right around and tore his flexors. The vet wanted to put him down but Guy said no. After working at a veterinarian hospital for three years and his 40 years of experience with horses, he had to try. That, and he knew how much he means to me. The vet said he would probably be nothing more then a lawn ornament. But Guy was persistent, he is a good leg man and has done a lot with Thoroughbreds over the years. After three months of Guy manipulating the bandage and working his magic, Figaro is back to be ridden and shows no remnants of his injury except a very tiny calcium deposit on his foot. He even did a charity event less then six months after the accident. Since then, they are good buddies and share a can of Guinness on Figaro's birthday.

Figaro has never been taught any natural horsemanship methods, but he naturally plays with Guy and I. He will play tag and leap in the air and do quite some interesting moves. I can even go up to him and crack a lunge whip around him with no halter and he won't budge. He was never taught to do this. He just trusts me and I him. We have one of those bonds people die for. I can even drop my reins and stand on his back. He lets me do anything but with others he has his limits.

Not only is Figaro a strong boy but he is very smart. He does use the left side of his brain a lot. He doesn't jump into anything but analyzes the situation. I found when training him he does not respond to the usual training methods. So I myself have learned new techniques for training him. I can say with pride he has not let me down yet in learning tricks in less then two days (two hour sessions, one hour each day). Some of the tricks Figaro can do are the bow, rear, laugh, no, paw, count, Spanish walk, roll the barrel and stand on the stool. He also recently had a movie wrangler come out and see him and was quite impressed with him. So don't be surprised if you see him in some up coming movies and commercials. But meanwhile we may be doing some demonstrations and charity work this year so you may see us around.

Either way, some one said it perfectly the other day. Figaro is often imitated but never duplicated, he is a one of a kind. I know I will never be able to find another horse like him and probably never will."

Congratulations to Figaro for being out June 29th, 2009 'Horse of the Week!'

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