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Brandy, Penny and Lucky

We are going to break from tradition this week as it has been a sad time for my sister Joanne, myself and our families. We both had to say goodbye to our beloved family dogs on Friday - our dog Brandy in the morning, and her dog Penny later that day. Though we had different reasons for having to make the tough decisions to have them put down, we both have huge holes in our hearts that will take a very long time to mend, if at all.

So this week we wanted to celebrate our dogs, for they brought much joy into our lives. Janet will also remember her great dog Lucky, who she lost a couple of years ago.

To all of you who have had to say goodbye to their dogs in past, we send out a big hug to you. And if you still have a wonderful dog in your life, give it a big hug and thank it for bringing unconditional love into your lives. Take care, Leslie.

You can view our dog's profiles on Dogster. Brandy, Lucky and Penny.

And the dogs who are happily still with us - Janet's Border Collie/Jack Russell - Niko, and her new dog Keane, and Jo's dog Sammi, a German Munsterlander.

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"I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Brandy. I know she was your right hand gal. It must have been a heart wrenching decision, but no doubly the right one for her. We have a 5 year old Chocolate Labrador Harley, she is my best pal, and I think some days that it's just not fair that our furry companions live such a short life in comparison to their human counterparts. Harley is the most amazing creature I have ever shared my heart with. She is kind and gentle to her non furry 10 month old sister Addison, and I cannot imagine our lives without a dog in it.
Time will heal your heart, but I'm sure, there will always be a little piece in there just for Brandy, for always." Tracey H.

"I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. Our family knows all too well the heart ache you have, as we lost Buddy in January this year. I read a poster in the vet's office recently that said "Heaven is the place where all our past pets are waiting for us'." Sandy M.

  Penny - German Munsterlander
  Janet's much loved dog, Lucky
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