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Costume ClassCentral Canada Paso Fino Horse Association Fun Show

The CCPFHA held their annual Gaited Horse Fun Show at the Erin Fairgrounds. It had to be the hottest day of the year, and the horses and participants fried in the sun for the entire day. I acted as show photographer, Janet was the Steward and Casey was one of the ribbon girls. We all survived though, and everyone had a good time.

The horses were mostly Paso Finos, as well as one Icelandic horse, one Tennessee Walker and one Rocky Mountain horse. Karen Cabic came up from Palmyra, New York to act as our judge (Canada has no qualified Paso Fino judges yet), and she did a superb job. Karen was very patient and accommodating in keeping the atmosphere relaxed and informal. Her emphasis was on cadence and consistency in judging the gaited horses.

The classes ranged from costume class, egg and spoon, to the more serious gaited classes. The horses did barrel racing (ok, so they are pretty slow at that), pole bending and trail class. The CCPFHA was short on volunteers this year and the classes were running late and all was slightly disorganized.

The little Buckskin Paso Fino mare in costume shown at the top left, Famida Cler, had been purchased at Carson's auction 2 weeks previously - Carol only tried the costume on her last night! Poco Chocante Lio, on the right, is used in therapeutic riding. There were many other adults and children who have never participated in any horse show in their lives and came away with much coveted ribbons. The kids were the big winners in the end, with 4 year old Nate Willings horse, Pia, being high point horse of the day!

Thanks to all the hardworking CCPFHA members, Camilla Willings for organising the show, Margaret Lauber for acting as secretary, Jan Kay for being the announcer, Victoria Poe and Jennifer Tarrant and all the other people who did a great job in making this show work.

Some of our past Horses of the Week participated, Mercenario, Dama and Destino.

We will have photos of the show later this week once I have processed them. CLASS RESULTS ARE HERE.

Congratulations to all!

  Gunner, Rocky Mountain
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