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Paso Fino MareGabby

After a bit of a hiatus (due to my camera being in the shop this fall), 'Horse of the Week' is back!  I visited Pam and Al and their horses last week while there was still a bit of colour in the trees.

This story is written by Pam, who owns this lovely mare Gabby.

"Gabby is a ten year old Paso Fino mare and a character. I swear she has a sense of humour. I purchased Gabby when she was a green broke three year old, learned to ride on her and lived to talk about it :-) The old saying about green horse, green rider is very true! The first few years were an experience but I am very glad I never gave up. The rewards have been worth the effort.

We love to go out and ride by ourselves or with Alan and Willow, our Rocky Mountain mare. Gabby takes good care of me and I am learning to listen to her about what she can smell and I can't see. Gabby is a very affectionate and vocal horse. She nickers to me when I come out of the house or hang out my clothes. When I clean the stalls in the morning Gabby and Willow are alway at the door to make sure I am doing it right.

I am so happy to have her in my life. She has taught me a lot about myself."

Congratulations to Gabby for being our November 2, 2009 Horse of the Week!

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