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Road safety and horses


When I was asked by Sue McKinnon, one of my favourite clients and now dear friend, if I could help out with her passionate cause, I of course said, "I'm in!!" (who hasn't been on a horse, on a road, and had a crazy driver blast by at 100 km per hour!)

The cause in short: To raise public awareness of the many users of rural roads and the need for safer driving practices.

My mission: To photograph a group of the diverse individuals who represent the different users who share rural roads with vehicles.

On the day of our photo shoot everyone was very cooperative including the dog, horse, kids, and the weather. With the help of my fabulous assistant Katherine, who took over as director of the shoot like a general in charge of a brigade, the shoot went surprisingly smooth and quick! Thanks to Sue for entrusting me with this challenge, and looking forward to seeing her cause be acknowledged on a national level! Well done!

"The OPP is actively participating with a group of dedicated and concerned stakeholders to create an educational program to promote public safety for all of our rural road users. To date the group has representation from such organizations as Simcoe County, the Townships of Oro-Medonte and Springwater, the Ontario Equestrian Federation, the Ontario Trail Riders Association, Huronia Trails and Greenways, Ontario Trails Council, Barrie Cycling Club, Share the Road Cycling Coalition, Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture, and the Simcoe District Health Unit. The group also includes select private individuals with an interest in improving safety on our rural roads.

The stakeholders established a mandate to educate, integrate and advocate for all users. A process is underway to raise public awareness of the many activities that take place every day on our rural roads and the need for safer driving practices through a better understanding of existing laws related to these activities.

The group is currently meeting in Simcoe County to develop this education program. They intend to expand to other areas of the province as the various representatives provide education to the members of their respective organizations. The program was established because of many reports of excessive speeds on rural roads, observed unsafe driving practices and the identified need to make all users of rural roads aware of the need to follow the rules of the road, all the while respecting the rights of others to be on these roads. There is a need to better understand how each group can interact with one another safely.

If you would like more information please contact Susan McKinnon 705-835-2637."

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