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Horse hockey

Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association, 2010 Doors Open Wellington County

Forest Gait Farm, Fergus, Ontario - Saturday, June 25, 2010

Well, it has been a while since we've done 'Horse of the Week', but we do have a few coming up, so please come back on Sunday when we change the story. Don't forget to check out our 'Past Horses of the Week' - you will find over 200 featured equine stars dating from 2006.

Leslie and Janet spent a wet and grey day at the 'Doors Open Wellington County' event with the Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association. The weather was much the same as last year, it poured rain for the first part of the day, thankfully the temperature was warm.

Jeannie Harris hosted the event at Forest Gait Farm near Fergus, Ontario and we had a great turnout of CCPFHA member volunteers and their horses. The Doors Open event invites the general public to tour designated buildings and facilities that they might not normally have access to for one day. The day was filled with horse themed activities such as breed demos, Paso Fino test rides for adults and children, largo races, gaming and Paso horse hockey.

Did we invent a new game here? Canadian horse hockey? Whatever it was - everyone was having a blast! There were a few recently imported horses from Florida in the bunch who probably were convinced that the humans inhabiting their new home were slighty nutty.

Denise and Peter Chandler brought their young grey gelding King, he is the biggest Paso we have ever seen - sure to finish over 15 hands!

King Paso FinoYou can view the web galleries here and contact Leslie Town to order photos from the show. She took 1,100 photos (we didn't post them all) so there are some of everyone.

~ Janet Grant

View Gallery of Photos :: View Gallery of Candid Photos

This message is from Camilla, the President of CCPFHA and the 2010 North American Wind Rider Champion

"Even with the rain, we had a great day. I know I had sooo much fun and I would love to see a regular Paso-Hockey Soccer game added to our monthly agenda!

I want to thank everyone who helped out on Saturday. We had loads of awesome volunteers that made the day such a success. I am afraid to name everybody because there were so many and I don't want to forget anyone... but you know who you all are and thank you! I will send a few special shout-outs to: * Jeannie and Gord Harris for opening their farm to us, making it look so spectacular and for also hosting an awesome potluck party afterwards. Your place is just so gorgeous! Thank You for having us, I know it is a lot of work!!

* Linda Craig, who does not even have a Paso, (she boards her Arab at Jeannie's and rides pasos with us sometimes at Fina Vista) but worked tirelessly all day giving pony rides and promoting the breed. Thank you soooo much Linda!

* Thank you to Anne for preparing all the wonderful food that was offered to us all in the barn... what a spread!

* Thank you to Margaret Lauber for helping me sort out the 5 horses I brought and also managing to arrange test rides all day... and never even getting to ride yourself, thank you!

* Thank you to our ring stewards, including Marty, Bob, Callum and gang.

* Thank you to the hardest working nine-year-old in the world... Hilary! You go girl! what a trooper.

* Thanks to Kate Smith and her crew at the door and Jan Kay for awesome announcing!

* Thanks to everyone that brought horses so folks would have stuff to look at! Especially Jo Seggie (and MaryJane M.) for coming all the way from Cobden with her horse and also all the mounted games obstacles... what a hoot!

* Thank you, thank you everyone... :) Now I hope to see you all again and even more of y'all at the clinic and fun show in a couple weeks!"

Camilla Willings, president CCPFHA Watch her awesome Windrider Freestyle on Youtube

Below - Quarter Horse boarded at Forest Gait

  Quarterhorse in the rain

Below - Angie riding Gypsy, a recently imported horse from Florida in the crazy Paso horse hockey game

  Paso Fino Gelding Gypsy ridden by Angie, playing horse hockey
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