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Viggo de FinaVista

Viggo de FinaVista

Even though we have featured Viggo as a one year old in our past "Horse of the Week" section, we are revisting him because he is just so darned pretty. He lives at Fina Vista Farm were Janet boards her horses Alberto and Zarzuela (although Zee has gone to Kentucky for training for a few months). He is the barn clown and is always into trouble, tossing pitch forks, jumping on overturned feed buckets and pulling everything off the barn aisle hooks.

Viggo is 2 years old and is not under saddle yet, but he is for sale.

2008 Palomino Gelding - "Viggo de FinaVista" (Hechicero de Silencio SD x Maple Leaf's Pianola)

What do you name a golden boy who turns everybody's head? Viggo, of course! With the great looks and charisma of a matinee idol, Viggo is certain to break some hearts out there. Viggo is certain to be a big boy, as his sire is over 15 hands and his dam has only produced bigger pasos (even from smaller sires). He is two this year and he is already nearly 14.3hh.

He is bred to be smart, beautiful, laidback with a pleasure gait and a happy, pleasing temperament. He is a golden palomino with a blaze and 2 white socks in the rear. Flashy and sweet, with a chunky butt and a gorgeous head. There is no bigger personality on the farm than Viggo. He comes when he's called and is hilarious to watch in action. Always up to mischief, stealing pitchforks, brooms, halters, etc. A loveable goofball that is as funny as he is sweet. Will make someone a wonderful equine best friend - never boring and will always get you noticed with his stunning looks.

Paso Fino gelding

  Paso Fino
  Paso Fino Palomino
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