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Horse of the week changes sometime Sunday evenings.


What is Horse of the Week?
Horse of the Week is a place to showcase the many beautiful horses that I have been fortunate enough to have photographed over the past couple of years. We want to share these images with you, as well as the wonderful stories provided by their owners, because we think every horse is special!

How can my horse be Horse of the Week?
If I have done a photo shoot of your horse, and/or you have purchased a photo or photos from me, your horse is eligible to be Horse of the Week. You also have to provide me with information about your horse, so that I can include a write up with his photo. The more information the better! Tell me what his names are, what breed, sex, and colour he is. Information about his age, height, likes, and dislikes should be included. How did you come to own him? Do you have a funny/scary/sad/ anecdote about him? Remember I reserve the right to rewrite the info you send me for the purposes of grammar and coherence.

Can I sell my horse from Horse of the Week?
We will take sale horses as our featured Horse of the Week, if the horse has been photographed by Leslie. We will charge a fee of $50.00, on top of the photography fee. Prices or policy may change in future. We will publish relevant info such as telephone number, email and price on the Horse of the Week page.

What photo will be used on his page?
You may suggest a favourite photo that you like from the photos I have taken. In the end I will make the final decision, as long as the client is happy, and the image is a good example of my photography, after all, Horse of the Week is still part of my web portfolio.

When will my horse be on your site?
I generally try to feature horses chronologically, either by the date the photo was taken, or whenever the owner gets me the horse's information.

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