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Rocky Mountain / Kentucky Mountain horseTrigger

Trigger is a Rocky Mountain/Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse who lives at his owner's home just south of Guelph, Ontario. He is a gelding, soon to have his fifth birthday. He is a handsome fellow with a shiny coat the colour of light milk chocolate (which turns golden Palomino in winter), a long flaxen mane and tail and a white star, stripe and snip. Of course, he is named after the very famous "Trigger" who belonged to the movie star Roy Rogers.

This is what his owners had to say of Trigger:

"Trig displays all the traits that are so common in the Mountain horse such as smooth gait, good temperament and calm, friendly nature. He lives with two Rocky Mountain mares and at the moment is proudly in charge of the little herd. Trigger can always make us smile and thus he has become "our funny little horse". He is just a little guy at 14.2 hh, but has a big heart and a wonderful personality.

Trigger has been busy these past few months (along with his owners). He is being introduced to natural horsemanship methods through the teaching of a wonderful horseman, Ron Chauvin. Trig is thriving in the programme and is responding happily. He understands the communication used and sees the meaning in things asked of him. He appreciates that the wrong things are made difficult and the right things are made easy for him. Trigger is a joy to ride and work with and all contact with him is both fun and therapeutic.

We are on a wonderful journey with this horse and loving every minute of it. He is a special little guy."

Congratulations to Trigger for being our July 1st Horse of the Week! A special thanks go to all Canadians who proudly own and care for their equine friends on Canada Day. We love you!

Finally, a Happy July 1st Birthday to Leslie (from her sister and web designer Janet!).

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