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Chestnut Paso Fino GeldingEl Mango de FinaVista

I have photographed many beautiful horses at Fina Vista Farm - Camilla Willings seens to have an endless supply of beautiful Paso Finos of every color imaginable, palomino, bay, grulla, grey, black and chestnut. One of my assignments this summer was to photograph her young colt, El Mango.

Camilla says this of El Mango:

"El Mango was born here at Fina Vista Farm in 2006. He is a chestnut Paso Fino gelding out of our Palomino mare Finola de Herencia (September 18, 2006 Horse of the Week), and by the Colombian Fino Stallion, Geretsky de Santillana.

From the time he was born he had a lot of "look-at-me" presence and attitude that stopped people in their tracks. It was this eye-catching presence and his peachy colour that made me (with tongue firmly placed in cheek) name him "El Mango", which translates, obviously, to 'The Mango'.

Any Saturday Night Live Fans will remember Chris Kattan's hilarious character of the Latino Exotic Dancer, named 'The Mango", who dazzled all and bewitched anyone who looked upon him... leaving them hopelessly in love and doomed to follow him around offering gifts. Naturally, this dancer scorned all affections and declared simply "No Touchie The Mango!" with a haughty sniff. Our Mango lives up to this name well, always moving with the elegance and style of a dancer, providing only the chosen few a chance to touch or admire him.

I love all his style and attitude and often find myself just standing and admiring him as he glides across the paddock with his head and his tail in the air, feet making graceful dancer's arcs across the ground. I have fallen into his spell, certainly... a devoted fan of The Mango. sigh."

Congratulations to El Mango for being our October 8th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

Chestnut Paso Fino Horse
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