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Written by Emma Polera:

"Juneau" came to us quite unexpectedly the morning of April 6th, 2009. I was just beginning my early morning routine at the barn and was welcomed by Saria (Mommy) with two legs sticking out of her bum! Being that this was our first baby, I booted it back to the house and screamed "IT'S COMING!" to my very tired, yet still surprisingly enthusiastic parents. A few hours later with the help of some amazing friends and neighbours, Juneau was as healthy and lively as you'd want any baby to be. We chose the name Juneau because of the snowstorm.. like - Juneau, Alaska.

All was good and well until a few days into her short life when something happened to her brain. For about three days my parents and I had to bottle feed her, not knowing what the next hour would bring. To this day the vets and us have no idea what happened... All we care is that about a week later she pulled through and is now one happy little baby! Juneau loves attention and people, especially sneaking up behind them. She has a beautiful Grandma, Dolly, who is a 21 year old Rocky Mountain horse, who watches over her just as much as her mom! Juneau's father is Irwin's Kid Cool, a handsome chocolate palomino Quarter Horse, so we're excited to see what colour she ends up being under her baby fur!

Her favourite hobby is chasing the barn cats until they don't come near the barn anymore.. (completely defeating the purpose of having barn cats!!). Ahh, but we love her anyways. This is our first baby here at our farm, and we are so happy to see she is doing well now!

Congratulations to Juneau for being our June 8, 2009 'Horse of the Week'.

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