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Chestnut HorseSultana

Sultana is a 23 year old chestnut mare owned by Pam Rawliuk. I met both Sultana and Cheyenne, the Leopard Appaloosa who was last week's 'Horse of the Week', while on a shoot several years ago. These horses were being boarded at the same facility my shoot was at. They were both so photogenic I ended up snapping a few photos of them as well. Sultana and Cheyenne are living the good life now under Pam's care.

This is from Pam...

"Sultana is so cool. I like her 'cause she is absolutely like your typical female. Only on her terms. If she does not want to be groomed today, well too bad. She is finally coming around, she was not very social when I first got her, but now she nickers at me when I leave. When you ride her she just loves it, makes her feel special, feels like she is smiling too, and she did not get left behind this time.

Sultana follows Cheyenne around, (I call them brother and sister). And she puts up with a lot of crap from Cheyenne. He pushes her around, throws his ears back at her, sometimes bites, & pushes her. She just ignores him. When I want to put a halter on them to ride she can be stubborn, not letting me catch her. So I will tie Cheyenne to the fence and start to groom him. Eventually she will come over and stand like I have tied her to the fence, and wait for her turn - neat - and she won't move until you are done.

I call her my 'Crazy Raisin' thus the name Sultana (raisins). Not sure what breed she is though! I call her horse!"

Congratulations to Sultana for being our August 3rd, 2009 'Horse of the Week'.

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