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My 2010 Calendar

This week we are featuring our 2010 'Horses of Ontario' Calendar. We have selected 13 of my best horse photos of the year and matched them to our notoriously extreme 4+ seasons of Ontario - one photograph for each month.

For our out-of-country readers, Ontario weather can range from -40 degrees Celsius in winter (with 3 feet of snow or more) to a blistering 35 degrees above zero in the summer with very high humidity. Our horses seem to thrive in these extreme conditions - 50 million years of evolution have adapted them perfectly for this. We humans - not so much! Our much loved province of Ontario is 1,076,395 square kilometers (415,598 sq mi) so we have many different climate zones as well.

The calendars are priced at $25 each and we have limited numbers in stock. We will sort out shipping as needed with more info to come. Our local customers can pick up copies at Leslie's in Orillia or Janet's house in Palgrave.

You can pay by cash, cheque or Email transfer.

Happy Holidays to all, from Leslie Town and Janet Grant, and thanks to all the horses and their people who made this possible.

Leslie 1-705-327-6821 or Janet 1-905-880-7785

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