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Percheron cross


Thunder is a very suitable name for this week's Horse of the Week! This stunning dark bay Percheron cross gelding is owned by Sarah Packowski and makes his home at The Meadows Equestrian Centre in Uxbridge, Ontario. Though this Baroque beauty is a bit high-strung and can be quite a handful when he is anxious, he is also very gentle and is one of those horses who does everything with general good humour.

Thunder enables his owner's varied, crazy riding interests - he is very patient and understanding. Patient, yes, but not to be taken for granted! For an unwary rider, this 8 year old gelding can be 1200 lbs of quiet rebellion - basic work stoppages are his modus operandi. If there is a bag of carrots in the vicinity, don't take your eyes off Thunder!

He is a great horse to pony younger horses, or put in pasture with antisocial horses. He takes no guff, but is a gentle giant. Thunder's frame is large and imposing, but he is quite sensitive and is not as brave as his owner's other horse, Scarlett. His reactions can be explosive when he is fearful. Sarah and Thunder have been doing Parelli for awhile, like the "stick to me" game... that one always gets a laugh, because (particularly when treats are involved) Thunder gets really carried away chasing after Sarah. Thunder and Sarah are free spirits and that was a wonderful thing to behold.

Congratulations to Thunder on being our July 17th, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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