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In March of 2003, when Sheilagh Rose and Mike Townsend were looking for a horse, they met a registered Thoroughbred named "Theregoesmypension" at a barn where he was for sale (Sheilagh says she sometimes thinks he wants to live up to that name). He was in a stall in the corner of the barn, and their first impression of him was not very favourable, as he was thin and had a shaggy coat. Well, a month or so passed and those big dark eyes that said "take me home", eventually won over their hearts, and home with them he went.

This dark bay, 16.3 hh gelding is now called Kairos, which is a Greek word meaning precise timing or right moment. That is how his owner felt when they met. At 5 years old he had completed 2 ½ years of racing at Fort Erie and Woodbine. He still had his racing shoes on that had warped into his soles when they brought him home. It was 6 months until they really got to know each other's personality. Lots of food was needed to bring him up to a level where he could be worked and enjoy learning. Kairos has become a family member, and he and Sheilagh have learned a lot about each other.

Jumping is something Kairos loves to do. Unfortunately in 2005 he had an accident that caused him to fracture a sesamoid bone in his left hind fetlock. Surgery was decided on at Guelph in March and he was amazing through the whole process. After the surgery his recovery included long periods of stall rest, leg wrapping, and hand walking. His owner knew he was feeling better when he started to "dance" on the spot when he was walked. The recovery was expected to be about 3 months, but it was a year. Kairos has been sound now since March and has been started back on flat work (mostly dressage and some hacking to help strengthen his back). Occasionally he is taken over a cavalletti now; it is like giving him a treat as he loves to jump!

Kairos lives at Glen Oro Farm now where he loves eating grass and being turned out with his buddy Ngala (last week's Horse of the Week). He has a sand pit for rolling and loves to sun himself while lying out in the field. At 9 years old he has a whole new life ahead of him. Mike and Sheilagh are glad to be a part of it.

Congratulations to our October 16, 2006 Horse of the Week Kairos!

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