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Dun Paso Fino gelding

Blue (Smoothy's Gal)

Blue is a twenty-four year old American Quarter Horse. She currently lives at Horses R’SS Stable in Orillia and is owned by Linda Didsbury. Blue came into Linda’s life 5 years ago and she speaks of this horse as her gift from God. Linda decided to get back into horses after giving them up to have a family. Within hours of contacting some old friends in the horse world, Blue was found. A few days later, Blue and Linda were together and starting a wonderful friendship.

Blue is a gentle spirit. Anyone who meets her instantly loves her. Her appearance is that of the horses in romance novels (when she is clean of course). She can be trusted with the smallest of children or the greenest of riders, and at the same time has done the show circuit and many hours of trail riding.

Blue is in great health with the exception of a chronic foot problem that has appeared in the last year. She still loves to go out for light rides and spend time with people. Blue will stay with Linda for the remainder of her life - which we hope will be a long time.

Congratulations to Blue for being our February 26th 2007 Horse of the Week!

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