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Side Saddle HorseSansun

Sonny is owned by Carol McIsaac of Rocking Chair Ranch, near Orillia in Ontario, Canada. Carol has this to say of her very special horse.

"Sansun: aka 'Sonny', or 'The Old Man', is a 25 year old purebred Arabian horse who lives and works at Rocking Chair Ranch. He makes it fairly clear that his needs are first and foremost before his people's needs - and so it should be. Sonny is the product of crossing Sanman (who won every award possible for an Arabian) and Midwatch.

To best describe Sonny’s abilities you could say that he has “been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the hat, wrote the book then sold the movie rights”. This amazing animal can be ridden English or Western and drives too. He has been seen in the show ring with Carol being ridden Sidesaddle and also bareback in the “sit a buck” class.

He is a rare horse that has the amazing ability to rate his riders and gives out only what he feels the rider is capable of doing. He has been ridden by riders as young as 5 and old timers at the mature age of 80. Young or old he takes care of them all. He is a wonderful confidence booster for folks who are afraid of horses.

Sonny is a wonderful lesson horse for both able bodied and challenged folks. He goes to work at Stonegate Farm where Carol and Lillian run a Therapeutic Riding Program. He has been working very hard there this year carrying children and adults and loves every minute of it.

He is the favourite horse around Rocking Chair Ranch at lesson and camp time and has had girls fighting over the right to ride him.

Sonny has a rather interesting sense of humour. He will sneak up behind you and give you a push, or “yell” when the horses need to be fed and attempt to open gates with his psychic powers. The latter usually results in someone coming and doing the job for him.

His favourite treat is English mints and he loves to go on trail rides."

Congratulations to Sonny for being our August 27th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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