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Starfire's Reflection

This week we are featuring another horse from Maple Wind Farm in Hawkstone, Ontario, owned by the Horne family.

Reflection's owner speaks of her horse:

"Reflection is a Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse. This mare is 12 years old and stands 15.3 hh. She has Heritage Horse stock in her veins and is directly related to the famous cowboy movie star Roy Roger's faithful mount "Trigger" on her dam's side. Who knew that Trigger was a Tennessee Walking Horse, huh?!

I originally purchased Reflection for my daughter who really wanted a Tennessee Walking Horse. She had been riding a horse of this breed in lessons and the smooth gait sold her on Tennessee Walking Horses. So, we happened to find Reflection at a trail riding outfit and purchased her. The people who owned her hadn't had her on trail for clients at all and she was only used occasionally for the trail guides. So, she may have been ridden about 4-5 times per year for 3 years prior to us owning her. My first ride on a Tennessee Walking Horse was on Reflection and I enjoyed the gait so much that I purchased 3 more Tennessee Walking Horses! (See our past Horse of the Week Angel.)

Tina and ReflectionAs it turned out, Reflection was a little more horse to handle then what we originally thought and suddenly Reflection became only MY horse to ride and own. For the first year of owning Reflection, as I was riding her, I would sometimes see her turn her head to look at me and give me "The Look" in her eye that stated, "I don't think so, sister..." and then she would threaten and sometimes buck once or twice at that point... that's how she had learned to get out of working at the trail riding outfit. I was persistent with her and each and every time she did, she was reprimanded for it. Now, 2 years later, I can put anyone on her and she does everything as asked without malice and definitely no more bucks! Reflection is a 6 gaited horse and does a walk, flat walk, stepping-pace, rack, canter and gallop.

Reflection is used around our farm and in events for trail riding, western gaming, working cow horse, parades, fairs, Drill Team, running errands around the farm and just anything that comes to mind to do! She is a willing partner for me in all types of requests. Reflection is my friend and we trust and take care of each other now.

Tennessee Walking Horse MareReflection is a wonderful, confident horse who always listens to what you want her to do on the ground or in the saddle. She is an intelligent horse and is able to make close bonds of friendship with her humans based on her respect for that person. She is ever respectful of people on the ground and is one of the first horses to whinny and nicker to me when I visit the pasture. She is a top mare in the herd, (only second to humans), and definitely enjoys being a lead horse on trail, (although she will follow when asked).

Reflection gives me the amount of respect that SHE THINKS I deserve. Her opinion matters."

Congratulations to Reflection for being our December 31st, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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