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  Clydesdale Cross


Ronan lives at Stonegate Farm, north west of Orillia, Ontario, Canada. His owner is Lillian Tepera and we have featured 2 other horses of hers, Wilby and Moose.

"Ronan is a Clydesdale/Hackney cross, although his exact breeding is not known since he came to us as a weanling from a PMU ranch. While his black colour with big blaze and four white socks made him stand out in a crowd, altogether he was quite a sorry-looking colt. Ronan had very little hair on his face due to ring-worm and his hip-bones stuck out like a Holstein cow's due to lack of food. He was a shy colt, too, always hiding in the herd and not the least bit interested in humans. Even today he can be skittish, although he is obviously an intelligent horse who learns quickly.

Ronan has not been ridden yet, but he wears tack and lunges, exhibiting a stunning trot and smooth, ground-covering canter that promise a bright future in the hunter or dressage ring. Ronan is a very friendly horse who doesn't have a "best friend" in our small herd, but will happily spend time with any of the other horses. In a scary situation, though, he will always look for the big mare Rosie who has been his protector since they came to live with us. Ronan is four years old in 2008, and will probably grow a little from his current 16 hh."

Congratulations to Ronan for being our February 25th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

Clydesdale Cross
  Clydesdale Cross
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