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  Black Friesian Horse

Henk W

How fortunate for me to have photographed not one but two examples of one of the most beautiful breeds of horses in the world, the Friesian. Henk lives with Wilby, who was featured as a past Horse of the Week.

Lillian Tepera tells us about Henk:

"Henk W gets the 'W' in his name from Witteveen Friesians, the largest breeder of Friesians in Ontario, where I purchased him as a weanling 5 years ago. If the double-whorl of hair on his forehead doesn't tell you Henk is a character to be reckoned with, then the glint in his dark eyes will. Henk loves to chase dogs (luring them far into his paddock before turning to chase them back out), untie shoelaces, pull zippers, stick his head in your arms for a cuddle and explore everything with his very talented muzzle. Friesian HorseHenk is decidedly a 'people horse', and my kids and I joke that he would be happiest moving into the house with us where he could watch TV and eat popcorn. Henk is what's affectionately known as a very large 'pocket pony'. He would rather crawl into your pocket / on your lap / into your bed and curl up for a good story and a juicy carrot than run around acting studly and fierce.

Henk is learning the basics of dressage, and is starting to work in our Therapeutic Riding program, where his favourite part is all the attention he receives before and after the ride. While I would be hesitant to use any other 5-year-old with special-needs riders, Henk is quite unflappable and virtually unspookable. The easy-going temperament and high level of intelligence are Friesian traits which make these horses such a joy to work with.

Henk is 16 hh and built in the more 'modern' sport-horse style, with longer legs and a lighter body-type than the classic 'Baroque' Friesians.

Henk lives with my family and I at Stonegate Farm, north-west of Orillia in Ontario, Canada.

Congratulations to Henk for being our March 24th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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