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Barb Fletcher at The Meadows Equestrian Centre in Uxbridge asked me to photograph several of her horses and Basil was one of them.

Heather MacLean tells us about Basil:

Barb and I purchased Basil two years ago as a gangly four-year-old who had been started when he was three. He was then more-or-less left to himself for a year. We had been looking for a project horse who would mature to become an ideal mount for an amateur owner: willing, uncomplicated, and in general a joy to be with. During his trial, Basil very quickly confirmed that he possessed all of these attributes in spades.

His personality has proved particularly entertaining. He is a fun-loving fellow who loves to play with his pals out in the field, but he can be equally comedic with his people.

He once quietly stole my tangerine before a ride, and watched bemusedly as I searched all over to see where it had fallen. Only when I turned to inquire of him whether he had any suggestions on the matter, did he finally bite down and let the juice go squirting everywhere – including in my face! He seemed quite pleased with the success of his prank.

Basil’s friendly personality and his calm, willing attitude has helped him to learn quickly under saddle, as his response to each new exercise seems to be, “Okay, I’ll try.” As his training has progressed, he has demonstrated a particular affinity for the sport of dressage and he is ready to make his debut in the show ring this spring.

BasilHis patience with a rider has other advantages: his field is a fair distance from the barn, and after trudging through the snow to get out there, I don’t much relish the idea of trekking back. Basil stands quietly as I rather clumsily scramble on board and then heads to the barn through the drifts with no complaint. As Basil has matured into the horse we had hoped he would be, it is now time to find him a home where his ability and personality will be appreciated and enjoyed.

If Basil sounds like the horse for you, please contact Heather MacLean at 905-442-3677. Asking $7000, negotiable to a good home.

Congratulations to Basil for being our March 31st, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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