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Thoroughbred Cross HorseAspen

This week's Horse of the Week is an 11 year old Thoroughbred Cross horse owned by Janet Rowe of Bracebridge, Ontario. We recently featured her horse Mojo. Janet operates Saving Grace Horse Rescue.

Janet says this of her horse...

"I kept running into Aspen over the years. I was at the North River Riders last summer when I noticed him and thought 'Hey, he looks familiar to me...' - I wandered over to see what the name of the horse was and lo and behold it was a horse I used to look after about 6 years ago out in Campbellville.

I think I might have asked then if he was for sale and was told 'No, he will never be for sale!' But in life, never say never and that fall I saw a number of advertisements stating he was indeed up for sale. :) I called up immediately, made an appointment and went out to hop on him. It took about 15 minutes and I decided that I would take him. Aspen had done some hunter, short stirrup at the CNE, low jumpers, evented a few times and of course, some dressage.

We concentrated on working on our dressage for most of the winter and attended a number of clinics (Tom Dvorak, Walter Zettl...). He was a good lad and we ended up schooling up to some second level movements. Aspen's lateral work is lovely and I have not sat on too many horses that are that supple in both directions!

Right now he is being aimed for Glen Oro at the end of June. He was a good boy this past weekend, taking home 3 firsts in the jumper classes at a schooling show (the Hat Trick!). My 'rider' for him has been doing very well, as I am off Aspen for the rest of the summer due to being pregnant. I look forward to watching them and being the proud horsey mum this summer and fall!

Thoroughbred Cross Horse

Congratulations to Aspen for being our June 16th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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