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British Riding Pony - WicketMy sister and I spent a lovely day this week at Back of Beyond Farm near Huntsville, Ontario photographing Cathy Foyston's horses. We will have her new website up and running in July. We both think Wicket is the cutest foal ever! - Leslie



My name is Wicket (at least I think it is), because that is the sound the humans make when they look at me.

It all began about a month ago when I was born. That was exciting, a bit of a tight squeeze though! You would not believe how good it felt to straighten my legs out at last, after those long eleven months. It was a bit of a struggle at first to stand because every leg seemed to have a mind of its own and wanted to go in different directions. As I was figuring that out, the humans made sounds like – Oh, is he ever cute, and his legs are so straight and look at that head.

My mom was very excited to see me, in fact, since I am her first foal ever, she was downright flabbergasted! Anyway, I got the standing thing down pat and then I had to find the milk bar. That took a bit of doing as Mom wanted me to stay right in front of her where she could see me and lick me. I still remember my first drink, boy, is that milk ever delicious, and warm too.

British Riding Pony - WicketAfter that first big day I just settled in to growing and learning about the world and playing with my friends. Did you know that I have a swishy thing behind me just like my Mom, only not as long? I think it is for flies, but mine does not work as well as hers yet. My legs work just fine though. My favorite thing is to leap and spin around Mom and get her to chase me and play tag. I also love napping on the grass in the sun. In fact, I think that is what I will do right now.

Bye for now

Wicket – The British Riding Pony, TB, Welsh cross extraordinaire.

Cathy Foyston's speaks of Wicket:

Wicket is named after the Ewok in Star Wars, because he looks as much like an Ewok as a pony foal ever could, with his great big dark eyes and soft brown coat. He was born at Back of Beyond Farm , in Huntsville, Ontario, early in the morning at the end of May 2008. Wicket kept us up all night waiting for him to make an appearance, finally, at 4:30 am the big moment arrived. This is the first foal for his mother, Angel (Thoroughbred, Welsh, British Riding Pony cross), and she gave us some anxious moments in the first few hours as she refused to take her eyes off her handsome son and let him get his first drink.

Welsh cross pony foalWicket's sire is the stunning bay British Riding Pony stallion Small-Land Martello owned by Prue Richardson. Wicket certainly takes after his dad in more ways than just his colour. Wicket is very light on his feet and loves to run, jump and spin around the field showing off his flying changes and making his mother very anxious.

Sleeping is his favorite thing next to playing. Wicket usually chooses to snuggle down in a big pile of hay for his naps and sometimes he is almost completely covered in hay as his mother eats while watching over him. This little fellow also loves to come over to us for a scratch especially on his chest and is very friendly and curious.

Wicket will grow up to be an impressive bay child's large hunter pony around 14.1 hands. We look forward to seeing how he develops in the years to come and plan to take him to show him at Devon as a yearling.

Congratulations to Wicket for being our June 30th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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