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Registered Tennessee Walking Horse"Tease" - Outlined's Silver Delight

Tease is owned by Tina Horne of Maple Wind Farms in Hawkestone, Ontario. She is a 3 year old Registered Tennessee Walking Horse, Tease has my heart!

"I've looked a long time for a horse that is only my horse, that I feel personally 'connected' with... sure, I love them all, but it is really hard to find the 'perfect horse' that is everything all wrapped up into one horse. Tease is that special horse in my life. You know the kind. The one that you feel happy in the saddle with every time, from the moment when you go greet them in the pasture and put your foot in the stirrup, to the end of the trail after you have dismounted and put them away with a soft 'Good Night'. The one that you trust and respect as much as they trust and respect you. That kind of horse. That special horse in your life. I feel I have that in Tease.

We imported Tease directly from Tennessee, USA in July 2008. Her pedigree has multiple World Grand Champions from the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration Shows in Shelbyville, TN. Tease is naturally gaited, squared and well set in her gaits for runwalking and is very smooth to ride. Her canter is super easy and a typical 'rocking chair canter' that the Tennessee Walking Horses are known for. A trail ride is always made more enjoyable on a gaited horse to smooth out those bumps in the saddle!

Grey horseEven better than Tease being a super smooth gaited horse, she is also very calm and level headed. Confident on trail in lead, following or riding out all by herself with me, she never assumes to take control of her rider. Tease is a smart horse and very quick to learn new things. Tease is also very willing to please and there is not an angry bone in this horse anywhere. Just a very sweet and honest horse. There is nothing that she won't try if you just ask. Tease loves attention... and she sure gets it from me! She never has any fear of anything or anybody. Solid, sane minded horse.

Tease's beautiful steel gray colour, should roan and dapple out to a blue-grey colour much like her head, with a bit more years... although, I suspect she may go white as well with the black mane and tail. Either way, she is beautiful inside and out.

Tease is a wonderful, strong, confident and willing member of the Hoof Beat Outriders Drill Team and will be performing at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for the first time from November 10-16, 2008. We hope you will come to visit us at the OEF "Spirit of the Horse" ring and say Hello!

I feel such pride when I ride Tease because she is such a wonderful-hearted and happy horse. She certainly can draw attention when she gets her 'walk on' as she is a flashy, animated mover! I can only hope she really understands and feels how much I love and respect her heart too. I believe she does. I am always excited to go for a ride on Tease at any time. Tease is an amazing horse!

Tease has my heart!"

Congratulations to Tease for being our October 27th, 2008 Horse of the Week.

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