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Part Bred Welsh PonyBack of Beyond Dolby

My sister and I have just completed Cathy Foyston and Bill Statten's new website. The Back of Beyond Equine Centre is located south of Huntsville, Ontario and they feature many innovative services - our favourite is 'Saddle & Spa'. Cathy and Bill breed Warmblood Hunter/Jumpers and Sport Ponies and Dolby is one of their Sport Pony yearlings.

"Hey There! My name is Dolby. I am named after the House Elf in Harry Potter because I have one white sock just like he does. I have quite a few friends to play with here at the Back of Beyond Equine Centre. Some of them, such as Wicket, Cabaret, Damascus and Dante, have already been featured as 'Horse of the Week', earlier in the year.

Sport PonyWhen a group of us young horses get together, I like to show off my very innovative play moves. I have this one where I run very fast, hopping and spinning and tossing my head around all at the same time. Right now though, I have to take extra special care of myself because, in November, I am going to something called the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I like the sound of Royal, because I am very princely, but I am not so sure about the winter part.

As I recall, last year winter was very cold, white and bright. Not that I didn’t have fun in the snow, mind you, but there seemed to be a distinct shortage of grass. I also have to wear this blue blanket every night to keep my coat slick and short in preparation for the Fair. I hate to say it, but sometimes I feel like a big blueberry when it is on me. My big day is on Friday, November 14th 2008 and I will have to travel in my horse trailer all the way down to Toronto. I just hope there is lots of good food and bedding when I get there. I wonder if there will be any grass?

Bye for now, Dolby"

Back of Beyond Dolby is a chestnut registered Part Bred Welsh Pony yearling.

Congratulations to Dolby for being our November 3rd, 2008 Horse of the Week.

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