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Arabian MareEtaya Egyptian Arabians

Many of you may not be aware of a well kept secret in Victoria Harbour. Some of the most stunning and well bred horses on this earth are right in our back yard at Etaya Egyptian Stud Farm owned by Jennifer Parsons & Chris Fichaud.

Arabian HorseIf you missed their recent Annual Open House & Garden Party on Saturday August 22nd, this is your lucky day! I spent several hours there, capturing through my camera, the grace, beauty, and ethereal quality these magnificent Egyptian Arabians demonstrated, all to the live music of some talented musicians, SWAY. Mares and foals, geldings, and the "prodigal son" returned, the exquisite stallion, Etaya Sudan Amir.

Jennifer and Chris put on a great day, and guests were welcomed into the stable afterwards to hand out carrots to the horses who were waiting patiently for treats well deserved.

I hope to see you there next summer! if you are an Arabian enthusiast, or just an all round horse lover, don't miss Etaya's Open House and a chance to see these beautiful straight Egyptian Arabians in person.

Next week we will feature their beautiful young stallion Etaya Sudan Amir, the 2009 Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion.

  Sudan Amir
  Arabian Mare and foal
  Arabian Stallion
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